What Can I do to help?

If you care about the South Pond and want to help us to protect it for the future, why not consider giving us a small amount of your time to fulfill  an important role as one of our volunteers. These are some of the roles we are keen to fill:

Web-site management – You could help us improve the web-site, keep it up to date and relevant to the work of the group. Some experience would be beneficial here. Could be done at home at your convenience.
Social media – If you use Facebook or other sites, we would welcome a little of your time to improve our communications on these media. We have a Facebook page but we could do much more with it. Could be done from home in an hour a week.
Writing articles – If you enjoy writing, we need someone to write articles about the pond and the group for possible publication. Again this can be done at home in your own time. We will support you with all the relevant information.
Research – If you enjoy using a library or the internet, this could be ideal for you. Spend some time, to suit yourself, finding out more about the history of the pond, its relationship with the local community, famous visitors, or about aspects of the wildlife or water management.
Taking Photographs – Are you handy with a camera? We would love to have someone who was taking regular photos of the pond area, including fixed-point photography, and compiling a pictorial record. At times to suit you.
Carrying out wildlife surveys – This can take as much or as little time as you want to spend. Surveys can be on a species or group of species that interest you. If you have some knowledge, that would be great, but it is also a great chance to learn more about identifying wildlife. We will help you to build any expertise required.
Community wardens – We are only a small group and cannot be checking on the pond. We would love to have a group of local people who pass near the pond once or twice a week and could keep their eyes open and report any problems or issues that might need addressing. Would combine well with going to the shops, the leisure centre, or walking the dog.
Conservation workers – We have monthly task groups who work at the pond or near the stream to carry out practical tasks to maintain and improve the area. Tasks include removal of invasive species (especially Himalayan Balsam), litter picking, planting wild flowers, woodland management etc. It’s good exercise great fun, and we usually provide coffee and cake free of charge. Light or heavier tasks are available.
Notice Board Manager – We are about to erect two notice boards on the site to keep people updated on our activities. We need someone who can maintain this and update the notices for us. No special skills needed. Would suit someone who walks through the site once a week.
Group Members – If you have views about the pond and its management, there is a chance for you to come along to one of our core strategy group meetings that sets the direction for all aspects of our work. You can then contribute directly to this important work for the local community.

PLEASE consider helping us in one of these ways, or anything else you feel you could do for the group. Speak to a member of the group or e-mail at us southpondgroup@gmail.com

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